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Staffer Expresses Frustration Over Chiefs

Hope led me to them. Hope of change and victory. They took that hope — along with my money – and sucked it all up. They have been the source of disappointment and shame for many others besides me. Now, in the new year, I have decided to end it all. I am going to terminate my Kansas City Chiefs season tickets.

For 10 years my family and I have been season ticket holders. Though there have been a few prosperous moments, the Chiefs have for the most part been on a gradual downward slope. So, my family’s decision to end our season tickets wasn’t too difficult. I won’t miss the drunken cursing of men smeared in bright red and yellow face paint, overpriced food slopped together by old women or constant interceptions of the Chiefs’ passes. Yet, putting up with these annoyances used to be worth it for the feeling of superiority I felt as I walked from the stadium to our car after a win.  But these days, I am much more familiar with a different walk: a walk of shame.

This past year, the Chiefs record was staggering 2-14. In the past five years, they have won 25 games, and have lost more than double that- 55 games. In that time, they have been to only one playoff game, and lost. They have gone through three different coaches, each one worse than the one before.

Getting back fans’ support will be a struggle for the Chiefs. When Matt Cassel was lying on the ground of Arrowhead stadium from a head injury, he heard cheers of joy… from his own fans. There is so much disrespect for the players at Arrowhead Stadium, and the loyal bond between fan and player does not exist anymore. The Chiefs need to improve their team because they losing support fast.

While waiting until the draft to improve the actual team, the Chiefs are making management changes. It looks as though they are taking the steps necessary to start off on a new foot. I think Chiefs’ Owner Clark Hunt had some important new years resolutions, because Scott Pioli and ex-coach Romeo Crennel were fired. Soon after, two men with stunning reputations have been hired. John Dorsey, from the Green Bay Packers, will become the new General Manager. Andy Reid, who will become the new head coach, is well known for leading the Philadelphia Eagles to multiple NFC championship games and a Super Bowl.

The change of coaching staff will have positive outcomes. Andy Reid will probably help bring new on-field strategies, which is good, because the team needs a new strategy past year our offense really struggled. Touchdowns felt almost too much to hope for. The defense wasn’t terrible, but it was definitely not stopping other teams successfully. The teammates will be more comfortable with Andy Reid as their coach as opposed to Romeo Crennel because Reid is actually has quality experience as a coach.

The Chiefs are in dire need of a new quarterback. With 12 interceptions, I don’t think Matt Cassel will be returning. Tyler Bray, fresh out of the University of Tennessee, could be a potential quarterback for the Chiefs to pounce on. Though there is criticism of his accuracy, I’m betting he could complete more passes than Cassel. The Chiefs have also had their eye on linebacker Manti Te’o, which would be a strong pick (if he gets relationship problems sorted out). T.J. McDonald is a valid consideration as a safety with 96 tackles and two interceptions.

I do believe that these players and new management could help mend the dying team, but I don’t think change will come immediately. I have heard many people say that Andy Reid will bring the Chiefs to the Superbowl or that possible new players such as Michael Vick could bring the team awesome success. However, just like a wounded ankle, sports teams take time to heal and regain their full strength and potential. These fans need to get a grip on reality and accept that success for the Chiefs will not come quickly.

I want the team to start looking like a real NFL team again, even if it takes time. I want them to be able to complete passes, come up with better offensive strategies and score more touchdowns. I believe with the right management, players and coach that this team can shape up and become something so much more than it has been these past few years. For now, I need to take a break from the Chiefs. Repurchasing season tickets won’t be an option unless the team starts kicking ass. Until then, all I have is hope.

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