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Staff Picks: April 10

Susannah Mitchell

static1.squarespaceOnline Co-Editor-in-Chief

In an unquantifiably awesome announcement made yesterday, Boston’s mayor has declared April 9 is Riot Grrrl Day. The holiday was created in honor of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, one of the original riot grrrls. The riot grrrl movement began in Olympia, Wash. with several punk feminist bands calling out the patriarchy, empowering young girls and women and making some sick music. Hanna’s life and involvement with riot grrrl is also documented in “The Punk Singer,” which is on Netflix. To learn more about riot grrrl, you can also check out “The Riot Grrrl Collection,” available on Amazon, or listen to some of Bikini Kill’s and (my personal favorite) Sleater-Kinney’s work on Spotify.

I am on cloud nine. Everywhere I go I’m singing “Wicked” lyrics under my breath. I am elated and nothing can bring me down, just like Elphaba. And all of this is because Hillary Clinton is announcing her bid for the presidency on Sunday. ap29640372348-298159208da06f03037d574d39dbdfae3991dd7e-s700-c85It’s no secret that I cry every time I imagine Hillary becoming our first female president in 2016. I’m not ashamed of that fact. I’m excited beyond belief. Women have run for the presidency before, certainly, but none were predicted to go as far as Hillary. She has a real shot, and the thought of a woman becoming the leader of a society that has historically oppressed women is beautiful.

Julia Poe

Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

It’s hard to get through high school without reading at least one novel by Toni Morrison. She’s an incredible author, and at the ripe old age of 84, she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Combine her wealth of knowledge and incomparable wit with the rich storytelling of NY Magazine Rachel Kaadzi and you have a perfect homage to a perfect writer. Don’t be scared away by the length of this story. It flows quickly — and there’s a nice video in the middle to break it up — so you won’t regret the read at all.

Katharine Swindells

Online Co-Head Copy Editor

Seeing this picture the other day reminded me how in love I am with the Obamas.



I may not agree with everything the president does, but I think his family is perfect. In front of the entire world, Malia and Sasha have grown up into strong, beautiful, (tall!) young women, guided by their mother and my idol, the incredible Michelle. It’s a shame the stress of being the leader of the free world has prevented Barack from aging as wonderfully as the women in his family. This Wash Post article has some awesome videos and interactive pieces showing how Obama has aged over the past seven years, and talks about how the responsibility has physically affected him and past presidents too.

Mike Thibodeau

Online Co-Head Copy Editor

For your nerdy needs this week, two trailers for the new “Halo” games came out and they both look absolutely incredible. I know the “Halo” series is one of the most popular, big company games out there, but, in my opinion, it’s also the greatest sci-fi story of our generation. These trailers will be the reason I end up getting an XBox One. They are beautiful.

Sean Overton635619106909637626-438630255_635604362798362477378825521_IMG_3403.imgopt500x65

A&E Editor 

East graduate Danya Issawi is the perfect example of a journalism student carrying on her passion. She posts some of her work on The Odyssey to get it out there and promote it. Her most recent story is all about body positivity and how all body types are beautiful and should be accepted. It talks about her own personal struggle, how she learned to love herself and how we can all make a change.


Daniel Rinner

Online Sports Co-Editor


Lauren Hill, a 19 year old college basketball player who had been battling brain cancer, passed away early today. Her story serves as an inspiration for us all.


Matthew Kaplan

Eastipedia Editor

Ever since I was a child, the small thought of a tornado would give me panic attacks. And now, seeing what happened on Thursday night in Illinois, I realized that it still scares me. I can still think of the pictures from the Greensburg, Kan. tornado, and how powerful they were. And now seeing that these people, in what remains of their town, brings back those memories from all those years ago.

Katie Lamar

Online Photo Co-Editor

I am a space freak — it interests me to no end. I could go on for eternity (pun intended) talking about it. This blew my mind and I hope it blows yours.NASAimage-728x400

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