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With the passing of Valentines Day and the “when is spring REALLY going to come this year” conversation begins to arise, I can’t think of any type of music that fits the atmosphere more perfectly than an old fashion love song. Yes, I admit, I am a fan of these cheesy ode’s and serenades. But I’ve become a bit uneasy with ones I’ve been exposed to lately.

Once upon a time, in the 1700’s, if a young lad had an interest in a young lass, he would write her a sonnet. This is essentially a song without the music to go along with it. Upon recieving the sonnet, the lady would either date the strapping lad, or crumple up the paper and laugh in his face.

Now, I’m not saying that this kind of thing doesn’t still happen, but in our modern times it’s easier to just “facebook stalk” your lover after getting to know them. Not to mention this isn’t half as much work as a three stanza one couplet sheet of paper. I have a feeling that now, there is a big difference between a love song, and a song that just happens to be about love. For example.

In the top 50 songs on iTunes, there are about six “Love Songs” that have a message that seems to me like they were written for the right reasons, like, “Hey Soul Sister” by Train, with its sincere lyrics about the boy who wants the girl. Next, I counted another six that seemed to be songs that were “about a relationship”. It’s pretty clear that these were meant for no purpose other than to get “mad stacks” of money and a car full of girls. Songs like “Blah Blah Blah” by Ke$ha irritate me because the world is really just better off without a mindless twenty-something “singing” about hooking-up. The fact of the matter is, be careful as to what songs you choose for serenading you’re special someone with this spring. You wouldn’t want to use a Ke$ha line like “I wanna dance with no pants on,” and end up getting smacked across the face.

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