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Soundslide: Foods Chili Cook-Off

The advanced foods class had a chili cook-off last Wednesday. The classes divided into groups of three and competed against each other. The judges were various teachers and administrators throughout the day.

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James Wooldridge

Senior James Wooldridge is a photographer for the Harbinger. Read Full »

Kylie Rellihan

Sophomore Kylie Rellihan is a staff photographer for the Harbinger. Read Full »

Annika Sink

Senior Annika Sink is a staff photographer for the Harbinger. She likes laughing in her spare time. Read Full »

Joseph Cline

Senior, Co-Assistant Print Photo Editor Joseph is an interesting young man who enjoys blowing stuff up, just for the fun of it. A lot of his time is spent at Chipotle, only until his wallet is empty where he then finds ways to make it big. A few of his many talents include, and are not limited to, sarcasm, the ability to recite his ABC’s backwards in under 6 seconds, and whipping every time he makes a new friend. Read Full »

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