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Soccer Program Adds D-Team

This year, for the first time in four years, East soccer will have a D-Team.  The decision was made during tryouts this year due to the amount of players trying out.

During the years when there was four teams, anywhere from 90 to 100 kids tried out.  When they cut the D-Team four years ago, the numbers declined.

“When they first started making budget cuts was when we had to cut the D team,” said head coach Jamie Kelly. The numbers at tryouts dropped from above 90 down to 75.  Now slowly the numbers are back up, this year there was 81 kids trying out. 51 were underclassmen.

“We had 51 freshman and sophomores trying out, and that’s where the majority of the cuts were going to come from,” Coach Kelly said. After the tryouts Kelly went to the new athletic director Kelli Kurle and asked if he could make it happen.  She said yes.

The new coach of the D-Team is Mia Williams.  Prior to selecting Williams, Kelly approached some soccer alumni, however with their jobs it would not work.  Junior Varsity coach, Brittney Sheer knew Mia and through Sheer, Kelly contacted Williams.

“She’s getting ready to start her student teaching she’s interested and obviously a great soccer player,” said Kelly. “The perfect fit.”

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