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Senior Covers Popular Rock Music

Although the recent three days of snow days led to laziness for a majority of students, Senior Nathan Simpson used them to his advantage.  While riding in his car,  Nathan heard Stay With Me by The Faces and really enjoyed it. He decided the instrumental was easy enough to learn and the vocals worked well with his own voice.

A day later, he heard another song, Aerosmith’s Walk This Way, and, due to the success of Stay With Me’s recording, decided to create another cover.

“Both times, I basically was just bored on a snow day and heard an awesome song on the radio and just wanted to play it, ” said Simpson. He says he wanted to record more in the future and try to expand into more genres in order to improve his musical talents.

Stay With Me by The Faces

Walk This Way by Aerosmith

The Harbinger’s homegrown section will cover future popular song covers by Nathan Simpson and even more musical talents of Shawnee Mission East.

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