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Senior Breaks Free Throw Derby Record

With a total of 302 baskets, senior Collin Burns broke the previous Free Throw Derby record on Sunday and became this year’s Free Throw Derby champion. His score beat the 301 baskets of sophomore David Morrison, who won the Derby last year and scored 271 this year.

“I just tried to shoot as many times as I could,” Burns said. “I didn’t really focus on making it or missing. I just wanted to get up as many shots as I could.”

The Derby is held every year as a fundraiser for the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams.¬†Players asked sponsors to pledge a certain amount of money for every free throw they make. Each player was then given 20 minutes to shoot as many baskets as possible, with a parent keeping track of baskets and another player from the other team rebounding.

Burns was the boys’ winner for this year, and junior Hannah Nick was the girls’ winner with 263 baskets.

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