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Sarah Berger: Bachelor Blues

There are few things in this world I hate more than “The Bachelor.” Not an ounce of my being can even begin to understand the concept of this show. How can one justify multiple women competing for the love of one guy? How can we even justify competing for love? It’s basically polygamy.

The main problem I have with this is show is the fact that it is objectifying. If you categorize someone as a prize you are now implying they are not just desirable, but they are also an object to be won. A single man is nothing to be won. He’s a person. The same goes for “The Bachelorette.” Men competing for a woman isn’t ok either.

How desperate do you have to be in order to willinging watch the man or woman you supposedly “love” go on dates with other people? You shouldn’t have to do that anyways. Women and men should value themselves enough not to settle for second, or like some other contestants on the show, twenty fifth.

Logistically, how can love on a manufactured TV show work out? It can’t. Another sad fact about “The Bachelor” is barely any of the couples actually last. You can’t actually get to know someone if they are competing for you; a healthy relationship can’t be built while the nation sits there and watches. This is not a show for love, it’s a show for money. And because it’s a show for money ABC can profit from a new special about a failed relationship. To me, that sounds a bit sadistic.

By watching “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” you’re putting a price on love and making it a profitable commodity. Romantic, huh?

The fact that this is one of the longest running reality shows on ABC quite frankly makes me sad. It not only represents its contestants poorly, but it also speaks pooorly of us as a society. Why do we enjoy watching rejected women cry as they ride off in a limo after being eliminated? Instead of using these desperate people for our entertainment we should feel sorry for them, and we definitely shouldn’t be encouraging them by watching.

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Sarah Berger

Sarah Berger is a junior. This is her second year on staff and she is the news section editor and a copy editor. Read Full »

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