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Review: Logic at the Uptown Theatre

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Before going to the Logic rap concert, I was bitter because I spent $300 for three tickets when the concert was in Lawrence. However a week later it was moved to the Uptown Theatre where I could have only spent $90. But after the concert, I would have paid even more than $300.

My friends and I arrived at the Uptown an hour early. To start the night we stood in line blocks away from the venue in 20 degree weather with hundreds of other people. When we finally made it in,we were 20 rows back, and I was already regretting coming. Nevertheless I was excited about him performing his new album.

The concert was part of his sophomore album tour, “The Incredible True Story.” The album is about two astronauts, Kai and Thomas, who are 100 years in the future, depicting their journey for the planet ‘Paradise.’ Like the album, the concert wasn’t just music, it was a story, and the crowd all 1,500 of us were all a part of it.

The concert started with a DJ who had poor music. The crowd was quiet and everyone, including myself, went on our phones instead of listening. Once opening act, Dizzy Wright began, and everything changed. He performed a few of his bangers, like “Floyd Money Mayweather” and “New Generation.” The crowd loved it and I was hooked. After the DJ and Dizzy Wright performed to hype the crowd up it had been three hours, making it 10 p.m. I had spent three hours on my feet already, crowded next to people in the hot theatre. Other than Dizzy Wright’s performance, I felt like I wasted the $300 I spent on the concert. But my opinion soon changed because it was time for Logic to come on stage.

The whole theater went dark, the screen lit up and began counting down to the start of “The Incredible True Story.” When the clock hit zero, the beat of rhythmic banging drums started, vocals created a sci-fi feel in the air. The sound of the spaceship launching, violins and sound bites of NASA communication indicated the start of the journey.

Then, the astronauts Kai and Thomas appeared on the screen and asked each other which city Logic loved to perform at the most, without a doubt it was Kansas City, MO. They spoke to the crowd as if they were 100 years in the future. The crowd went crazy, screaming and jumping loud enough to make the theatre shake. Then, the astronauts asked each other which song he opened up with, which happened to be “Fadeaway.” The first song on his new album.

He performed all 14 songs on the album in order because each song was another part of the story. He also performed some songs from his first album, “Under Pressure.” Some of my favorites were songs such as “Lord Willin’,” “Young Jesus,” and “I Am The Greatest,” all from his new album. Because while being about living life or being grateful, they were also apart of a larger story.

The music was a mixture of pump up songs to songs with a message. Songs such as Intermission, a slower paced song about how grateful he is to be where he is in life. The lights were gone, it was only Logic and the screen behind him with video of mountains and nature, it was a great change of pace.

Logic stands out from other rappers when he would cut the beat during a song and rap, no music, only his raw vocals. It really showed how good of a rapper he is. When Logic was on stage there was never a dull moment, even when we wasn’t rapping. He would have a story or introduction before each song, a way to hype up the song and connect with the crowd.

The whole concert showcased Logic and his personality and his lasting effect on his fans. After “Fadeaway,” he talked to the crowd about what he wants to promote – “Peace, Love and Positivity.” How he tries to better himself and the world with the position he is in, how he affects people with his craft, music. Logic and the DJ showed Kansas City love the entire concert, from their clothes, to Logic saying this is his favorite show to date and even paying respect to Tech N9ne who was watching from a balcony above.

By far the most incredible moment in the entire concert was at the end, the crowd chanted for an encore. Logic walked back onstage and asked us to turn on the flash on our phones. At the time the venue was pitch black, and he performed “City of Stars.” It made it seem like we were in space, with our phones being the stars, and Logic in the center of it all.

Overall, the concert really was an “Incredible Story,” with a mixture of music, and his love of Kansas City. Though the beginning was dismal, it got better as the night went on. Logic took us on a journey with his music, like the astronauts, all 1,500 of us in attendance. Through “peace, love and positivity” Il reached the end of the journey, and it was time to go home. Although I had my doubts at the beginning, as soon as Logic came on stage, I was reassured that my $300 was well spent.

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