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Recap: Girls’ Basketball vs. SM North

As the final seconds ticked off the clock, senior Molly Ross tucked the ball into her gut to protect it from the SM North defense. The ring of the buzzer announced the end of the game. A single point decided the Lancers’ 34-33 victory, clinching new head coach Austin Klumpe’s second win at SM East.

The Lancers started out dominating the Indians, who were missing their key post, Whitney Harvey, due to a stress fracture. However, the Indians’ defense recovered after the first quarter, and the game became a defensive battle.

Play became physical as the score remained close, with both teams getting into the bonus in both halves. Senior Erin McGinley and freshman Kyle Haverty led the Lancers on offense, remaining patient and finding holes in the defense to drive to the basket.

In the fourth quarter, a clutch three point shot by Ross gave the Lancers a lead. Despite the lead changing hands several times, the Lancers remained on top, forcing the Indians to foul. After the Indians scored free throws, McGinley had the ball out of bounds with less than 10 seconds left in the game. A successful inbounds play gave the Lancers a last-second 34-33 win, putting them on a two game winning streak.

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