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Realistically, Trump is President

This past weekend was certainly one for the history books in cities across America. To everyone who protested: I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in. I respect you for exercising your American right to have an opinion.

But on the flip side, Donald Trump placed his hand on the Bible and took an oath on Friday. And no amount of protests, social media posts or rallies can change that. It’s inevitable – Trump will be our president for at least the next four years.

You don’t have to support Trump in his four years; you have the right not to. Hell, you don’t have to like him, as president or as a citizen. But we as Americans should respect the office of the president, whether or not you have the same political beliefs as the person holding the power.

And part of that is giving the president a chance.

Trump has only had a few days in office. The only thing we can judge his presidency on thus far is from those few days. And so far, the country is still surviving and we still have our American rights.

Trump may be the most unpredictable president in modern history, but our government was built on the foundation of having three branches of government. The wisdom of our Founding Fathers was to have the three branches that play three different roles – each one allows checks and balances for the other branches.

And Trump only holds power in one office.

With the three branches, it will be hard for Trump to have policies changed. The Legislative and Judicial branches each hold both Republican and Democratic representatives, allowing many opinions to be heard.

While we may not know what Trump will do or say next, we as Americans can hope that other government representatives have our best interest in mind and will continue to protect our American Freedom.

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Lucy Patterson

Lucy Patterson is a junior at Shawnee Mission East and is a second-year staffer on the Harbinger. Lucy is a copy editor, print news section editor and podcast editor. When Lucy is not in room 521, she can often be found in the SME pool with other girl’s swim team members or studying for her IB classes. In her very little free time, Lucy enjoys reading Emily Griffin novels and watching reruns of The Office. Lucy has found a true passion for journalism and can’t wait ... Read Full »

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