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Q&A With the Senior Yell Leaders

Brayten Bowers

Senior yell leader Brayten Bowers gets crowd ready before the game. Photo by Carson Holtgraves Photo by Carson Holtgraves

What is your favorite cheer?

The East chant and the East-lantic one are fun, but I think the “Get Outta Your Mind” one is really fun once everyone starts participating in it and drum line gets involved. It sounds really cool when it all comes together.

What is your role as a yell leader?
I’m pretty much just the guy who, well I get all the chants together, I get all the guys out in the stands, and I coordinate things with the drum line. I pretty much just make sure that everything goes smoothly and that everyone is there to help me out to make sure the delivery is really nice.

What is your favorite rivalry?

Probably Rockhurst without a doubt. Rockhurst is definitely my favorite.

What is your most embarrassing student section moment?

Some of the awkward things that have happened to me are that I call out the chant at just the worst time and like 20 percent of the student section see it or does it. Most of the time it’s when I call out drumline to get involved, but then they can’t because the ball is in play and they can’t play the drums.

What is your most exciting student section moment?

Lancer Day or the Rockhurst game have been two of the most exciting games so far. At the Rockhurst game like an hour beforehand, we were making chants. Before we even got in, at the gate, we were yelling at the Rockhurst football team and making sure that they knew that we came to play and would actually put up a fight. I think we did [put up a fight] and everyone was very excited the entire way through and continuing their chants until that final whistle, so that was awesome.

Finish this sentence: “Friday nights are…”

For the boys.

Jack Griswold

Senior yell leader Jack Griswold shouts at the players on the field. Photo by Annie Lomshek

photo by Annie Lomshek

What is your favorite theme? 

SEC game day is a solid one. It’s always great. America is also great too because we always sing songs and we sing the national anthem in the middle of the game and confuse everyone

What is your favorite cheer?

I like to keep it pretty simple as far as what cheers we do. My favorite cheer would have to be the beat to 7-nation army.

Why did you want to become a yell leader?
Freshman year is when all this started and I guess that I decided that I wanted to be here to harass other schools’ players and that was insanely fun. Of course, as the years got on, and we got older, the principals had to make sure that all of the harassment was school sanctioned and appropriate, but being a major part of it was always fun.

What is your most embarrassing student section moment?
I suppose whenever we would go to a basketball game and only like four or five guys show up, it always starts out really embarrassing, but it always ends up being one of the most fun games.

What is your favorite student section moment?
That would probably have to be sophomore year when basketball played South. It was the last game of the year and we weren’t undefeated, but we had a winning record and everyone was really excited. We got like 40 guys together and we tailgated that game and we found out later that was against school policy – we weren’t allowed to do that.

Jackson Ceule

Senior Jackson Ceule and the yell leaders dance during the "Lancers, get down!" cheer. Photo by Diana Percyphoto by Diana Percy

What is your favorite theme? 
I really like the colored themes because we look really unified when we are all wearing one color and when the student section all looks the same, it’s kind of like an intimidating factor for the other team.

What is your favorite rivalry?

I would say South, but since we don’t play them this year, probably Rockhurst. Olathe East is also a pretty strong rivalry, those games are usually pretty good.

What is your role as a yell leader?

I try to coordinate with Brayten on what the chants we are doing. Besides the hype factor of getting everyone involved, I really try to get the freshmen involved this year because the freshmen are weak, I need to give them a little muscle. So I try to get them involved and really going with the chants and get the whole high school student section experience and get them involved.

What is your most embarrassing student section moment?

At the Rockhurst game, I got really dehydrated and I almost passed out like five times. Also, I call out freshmen a lot and they don’t like that. I yell at them and then we have awkward conversations about how they’re stupid for paying for tickets. So yeah the freshmen don’t like me anymore

Ian Longan

Seniors Ian Longan and Brayten Bowers lead the student section in a chant when the first run is made. Photo by Morgan Browning

photo by Morgan Browning

What is your favorite theme? 

I’m in the band, so we usually have our uniforms on. I like the color themes, but I guess to throw a little spice in there, I would have to say that “cougar hunt” is a really creative and fun theme.

What is your favorite cheer?

My favorite cheer is probably the new one that we came up with called the East-lantic cheer. We bring out [junior Sid Choudhury] on the bass drum and he does two beats and then we all say East and it’s really awesome and cool.

What is your most embarrassing student section moment?

When the ball is in play, we aren’t allowed to play, so sometimes we are so focused on out chants that we don’t realize that someone is injured on the field, which is awkward.

What is your favorite student section moment?

The Rockhurst [football] game, easily. Even the 20 minutes leading up to the game was just like constant cheering and it was just so hype, I was so crazy and so much fun.

Finish this sentence: “Friday nights are…”

Friday nights in the Shawnee Mission East Student section are unlike anything else

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