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Pipe Fixed in Biology Wing

A pipe burst in the biology wing on the evening of Thursday, Dec. 12. The pipe poured many gallons of water throughout the hallway around 5:00 p.m. and left a foul smell and many water stains. All students, except basketball players, who were still in the building were evacuated and told to leave school. The basketball games continued on as scheduled.

“It was a pipe that started to leak and then we thought we had fixed the leak and then it turned into a big bust,” associate principal Britt Haney said. “But [custodian] Mr. [Jeff] Gillenwater was [at East] with the repairman.”

The pipe was fixed that night and has not had any problems since. The ceiling tiles have been replaced and walls with water stains have been painted over. Currently, cabinetry is being look at to establish which pieces are salvageable or not.

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