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Orchestra Concert

Wednesday, the orchestra performed their most important concert of the year: The Collage Concert. Unlike other concerts, this event features instruments outside of just orchestra.

The members of the orchestra have been practicing for the concert since the beginning of January.

“There are rehearsals four times a week with extra practice outside of that,” Gasperi said.

The concert is the largest fundraiser of the year and it brings the most people. The money goes to the booster club so that the orchestra can go on trips.

There were instruments such as guitars, saxophones  and the voices of the chamber choir according to junior violist Joey Gasperi.

“It definitely adds another element, especially with the symphonic band,” junior cellist Clayton Phillips said, “Having a full symphony adds a lot of power.”

The collage concert is an assortment of sounds : it features many different genres of music spanning from jazz to classical, according to Orchestra teacher Jonathan Lane.

For the special occasion, a piece was commissioned to be composed specifically for the full orchestra. It was an international competition that resulted resulted in Jacob Bancks, a composer praised by the New York Times, writing a piece for the orchestra to perform.

“The Collage concert is always more fun than the other not as serious concerts,” Phillips said.

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