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Oakley: Super Bowl Prediction

27-24 – Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

In the beginning of the 2013-2014 National Football League (NFL) season, I thought what just about anybody who follows the NFL was thinking: “wow it would be really cool if the Seahawks and the Broncos met in the Super Bowl. One hell of a good offense versus one hell of a good defense. I bet it’ll happen.” And sure enough, it did. Each team made it with ease. And it will be as good of a game as we all hope for.

I honestly thought the Broncos would be able to walk on into New York and steamroll the Seahawks just a few weeks ago. Their explosive offense, led by the greatest quarterback of all-time (non-negotiably), along with 3 of the best wide receivers in the game, could not be stopped.

But after watching the Seahawks monster defense progress throughout the last weeks of the year and into the playoffs, I don’t think there’s any way they will let in more than three touchdowns. I was genuinely scared somebody was going to die on the field while watching the Seahawks defense demoralize the 49ers. They are that physical. They create that good of mismatches. They are absolutely crazy good.

This is the way I see it: Richard Sherman will guard Demaryius Thomas, which will be a battle, but Sherman is bound to shut Thomas down. Sherman is the perfect match for his physicality. Brandon Browner will guard Eric Decker. There’s no hope for decker; Browner is a freak. Cam Chancellor will guard Julius Thomas. I think that matchup is right down the alley of 6’3” 230 lb Cam Chancellor, who happens to be the biggest safety in the game. Lastly, Wes Welker will be guarded by Earl Thomas. There two are arguably the best in the game, and will be battling the whole night. Needless to say, I think the Seahawks have it covered.

Yet, Manning will put up his points. So as far as the Seahawks Offense taking on the Broncos’ feeble defense: I’d take Seattle’s offensive line and Marshawn Lynch anyday of the week when going against one of the worst run-stopping defenses in the league. I don’t see them having any problems keeping up with the Broncos unless it turns into a shootout- which it won’t.

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