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Marathon for Dummies: 6


applesI still haven’t started back up training for my marathon yet. I can’t say I miss it. I passed my original race date approximately three weeks ago. I celebrated by going out to eat with some friends and ordering a dessert that would make my health nut of a mother shrink back in horror.

Needless to say, I still lack any motivation whatsoever to continue my training. I’m trying to convince myself that I’ll go out to run when it’s warm. But now, with the temperature hovering around 60 degrees, I’ve decided that there are much better things to do outside than exercise. For example, go on Pinterest and repin 15 to 20 inspirational running quotes at a time. Whoops?

To ease myself back into training, whenever I choose to carry on, I’ve decided to take up healthy eating.

carrotsYes, laugh at me all you want. I’m still laughing at how stupid this idea this is. That is, when I’m not shoving nasty baby carrots down my throat.

My original plan was to do a bunch of leg exercises, but then I realized five minutes later that I have no idea how to do squats, or any of the other workouts that are, for lack of a better word, bizarre.
I’ve been cutting out as many candies as possible from my diet  and eating a lot more protein. It keeps me awake during class and boosts my energy like crazy, which is fantastic for third quarter. Eating more meat also gives me a reason to make frequent trips to Chick-Fil-A. Because they’re a fast food restaurant, that probably contradicts the whole healthy thing, but oh well.

The only bad part, besides being deprived of my favorite thing in the world — sugar — is that I have to somehow incorporate vegetables into my diet now. God, I hate vegetables. I can barely stomach an apple, let alone carrots or broccoli. Cauliflower is the worst.cauliflower

While I grumble and groan as the majority of my junk food stash transforms into a rainbow of icky health foods, I have to remind myself that this is for the best. While it’s making my taste buds miserable, I know that in the long run (pun intended), it’ll be worth it.

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