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It was midnight on a Thursday, my mom and I met each other in the hallway after hearing weird noises coming from downstairs. We immediately ran to check it out, worried out of our minds. We ended up finding my brother throwing a fit over a video game and complaining about other irrelevant things. Of course he didn’t care that he had woken both of us up. He was being the usual self-centered person that he is, a characteristic relating to his zodiac sign. Simultaneously my mom and I turn to each other, “ugh, he is such a Scorpio.

It’s times like these when my random knowledge and obsession of the zodiac signs comes into play. I don’t read palms. I don’t believe in voodoo. I don’t worship mystical gods. But I do follow the true power of the in depth zodiac astrology, which differs from the day-to-day horoscope crap. That stuff is a bunch of hooey. What is important is the general characteristics pertaining to each sign, for example an Aquarius being creative.

The day we are born forms our zodiac signs. Time, place and planet alignment all form your sign and its characteristics.

With every sign there are the stereotypical traits that tend to be true. My friend’s mother, who is a Gemini, throws extravagant parties. This proves the typical ‘gemini’s are wonderful entertainer’s’ stereotype. I’ve also seen various Pisces friends fitting the stereotype of crying all the time… I wish I was exaggerating. My Leo friend, junior Katie Crossette, coincides entirely with the role of the hard working leo. She has three jobs, all while maintaining her IB academics.

Once you learn more about your sign’s characteristics you can find yourself relating to characters from TV shows. Many Tumblr and Instagram users have capitalized on this by connecting zodiacs to almost any fictional character there is.

After learning and researching more about the signs, I started helping my mom analyze past boyfriends and why they failed. I used my knowledge to give her advice on who she was compatible with. I tried to do this with my brother, but him being a stubborn Scorpio, he wouldn’t take my masterful advice.

After learning about the signs I realized why I had become friends with certain people. Being more of a tame sign myself, I can’t help but wish I was more like the fire signs because they add spice to people’s lives. That is probably why two of my best friends, juniors Lauren Cole and Ava Dawn Jones, are fire signs. No matter how bland my day is, they always add a kick to it. Jones and Cole have no issue speaking their mind. They’ll tell you like it is and never take BS from anyone, which is exactly what my sign and I need.

As my love for the zodiacs grew, the more I realized how many Pisces friendships I have, and how much of a love-hate relationship they are. My Pisces friends, juniors Grace Meninger and Olivia Favreau, are Pisces to the core. I love them for their sweet empathetic qualities. However, being a sign that thrives on being independent, I get annoyed at how much they rely on dependency. Their diva tendencies of not liking to share, also peeves me. When you look into your signs relationship with other people, you can find out why you feel certain ways about them.

The more I learn, the more I have become obsessed. One of the first questions when I meet someone is always, “What’s your sign?” If I don’t get the chance to ask, I find myself stalking people’s birthdays on Facebook, just to see if I guessed their sign correctly, and usually I am right. People can’t help but embrace the natural behaviors astrology has imprinted upon them.

Learing about the positive and negative characteristics of my sign, I have realized how true they are. As a Capricorn I am naturally goal driven, but the downside is having a natural tendency to fall into lethargy. Realizing these traits about myself has helped me change my life completely. Since I know I can be lazy, I have set myself on a rigid schedule, writing out daily lists, weekly and yearly goals and plans for the future so I stay organized.

Some may say it’s tacky, or make-believe, but my knowledge of the signs has helped me create a better understanding of myself and the people around me. My infatuation with the zodiacs has made me realize that I ain’t’ got time for certain people, or should I say signs, in my life and opened my eyes to why people do the wacko things they do. I owe it all to the ominous, all-powerful zodiac sytem.

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