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Link Crew Undergoes Changes

The Link Crew has been in full swing this year as upperclassmen bond with freshman by helping them adapt to the new environment of high school.  This year, however, Link Leaders may be getting to know new students better than before due to a shift in their role, which will require them to participate in several freshman seminars. Teachers hope that freshmen will feel more comfortable and at ease as a result.

Choir Teacher and Link Crew sponsor, Ken Foley, is excited for the added engagement and believes that Freshman students will benefit from it.

“Those freshmen are going to be even more ‘linked in’ to what’s going on in the school because they’re going to have those updates with their Link Leaders,” says Foley.

He knows that it will pay off despite added investments from upper classmen. While they will have to invest more time in the freshman this year, it should pay off in the end.

“I’m a little worried about giving up my seminar time, but I think it will be beneficial for the new freshmen,” says junior Lance Meng, who is a Link Leader this year. “We’ll get to talk about upcoming events and just whats going on in their schedule.”

Meng and other Link Leaders, with the exception of International Baccalaureate students,  will be present in at least one freshman seminar each month. Together, SM East students and staff hope to help create a friendly and open environment to the new students.

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