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KCMO School District Loses Accreditation

On Sept. 20, the Missouri State Board of Education voted unanimously to revoke the accreditation of the Kansas City, Missouri School District. To maintain accreditation, districts are required to meet nine of 14 performance standards. The Kansas City district had been provisionally accredited for years because they were only able to meet six of these 14 standards. This action was taken because after years of provisional status, the district was able to meet only three of 14 performance standards. What does this loss of accreditation mean for students and the future of the district? Missouri State law allows students in unaccredited districts to move to nearby accredited districts, with their home district bearing the cost. However, this will not affect East enrollment. Whether this will happen immediately is unclear, as the law is being challenged in court. As far as the district’s future, that also remains uncertain. If they are not able to turn things around in the next two years, the state could dissolve the district or take over control.
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