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This spring break, choir students will travel to Germany to perform in many different cities. Check out previews of each city they will visit here:


In Leipzig, the choir has a special opportunity to perform a concert with the Leipzig Youth Symphony. They have prepared pieces to perform together for an audience.

“It will be such a unique experience for these kids,” Foley said, “Something they will most likely never do again.”

After the concert, dinner is planned with the choir and youth symphony.


While in Munich, the choir will perform their first concert of the trip up in the peaks of the Alps Mountains. They have prepared German songs that reflect the culture of the places they are visiting.

“I can’t wait for my students to be overtaken by the music,” East choir director, Ken Foley, said, “and I get to watch them.”

They will then continue to tour around the city with one of their many guides.

On their way to Munich, the East choir will be making a quick pit stop in Dachau, a historic city in Germany. There, they will visit the Dachau Concentration Camp with a tour guide. Before they arrive in Munich, they are stopping to tour the Neuschwanstein Castle, the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s design of the Cinderella Castle.

After their short time in Munich, they will continue to Salzburg, Austria the following day. Here, the choir will perform their second concert and then perform Austrian songs, some of which are from the Sound of Music soundtrack. To wrap up their time in Salzburg the choir is planning on taking a Sound of Music tour, visiting all the significant scenes in the film.

Q&A with two students going to Germany: 

Junior Libby Wilson 

Q: Do you have any close friends going with you? Rooming situation?

A: Yes, there’s 2 per room and we all got to request our top 3 people to room with and yeah i mean i got who i wanted to room with so it will be fun.

Q: Flights/trip there? How long?

A: It’s a pretty long plane ride but it will be fun. I have a layover in Dallas but we all have different ones because there’s a few different groups.

Q: What are you doing food-wise? Are you worried about eating the foreign food?

A: I’m excited to try it but I have heard it is pretty gross.

Junior Libby Legard 

Q: How are you feeling about the trip?

A: “I am excited because I’ve never been to Europe before. I’m excited to go to Germany and I heard it’s like one of the cleanest European countries but I’m also nervous because the songs we’re singing at mass are super long and hard to remember but we’ve been preparing and doing a lot of work with them.”

Q: Where are you staying?

A: “I think we stay in multiple hotels and when we move around the country we will stay in random hotels. I don’t know if they’re that nice but they are better than hostels.”


Q: Do you have any worries or concerns? If so.. what are they?

A: “I’m a really picky eater so the food is going to be hard. I am also nervous about not having wifi and not being able to communicate with people during the day like if I get lost.”

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