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La Mode Du Jour: How I Get Dressed


I frequently get asked how I get dressed. It always strikes me as a funny question, because I just do it. After dissecting my routine, I realized I had a couple tips to share, on how you can make getting dressed a more fun, quick and less stressful part of your day.

I start off the night before by checking the weather, and thinking about what I want to wear the next day. Notice I think about what I want, not about what is cool or trendy. By doing this small step the night before instead of the morning of, I save time and stress. When I used to plan everything the morning of school, I would get frustrated if an outfit didn’t look or feel right. By doing it the night before, it gives me time to process, and decide on a back-up outfit. Having a back-up outfit is crucial, because leaving the house feeling like something isn’t right, sets you up badly for the rest of your day. My back-up outfit is usually jeans and a white button-up with boots; it’s simple, clean and effortless.

The morning of, I go in my closet and stare for about three minutes. I already have an idea of an outfit I want to wear, or an item I want to wear. Let’s say I want to wear my new white, nylon skirt. I’ll lay it on my bed, and choose the other pieces of my outfit around that skirt. I chose a black crop-top because it is complementary, comfortable and trendy. I accessorize with a vintage bracelet, and wooden platform shoes. Although this outfit is simple, I love wearing it because I feel like myself.

The most important part of your outfit is feeling comfortable in your own shoes, literally and metaphorically. I choose to wear wooden platforms literally because they are my version of a tennis shoe, dependable, comfortable, and I can wear them for long periods of time. I choose to wear them metaphorically because they give me a boost of confidence.

See, that wasn’t too hard.


Wearing: Top – (Nordstrom), Skirt – (similar), Shoes – (similar), Lips – (Chanel), Nails – (Butter London), Bracelet – (vintage)






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