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Harbie Playlist: Week of 3/4

With warm weather and spring break in the near future, let loose and jam out to these uplifting tunes. A perfect blend of oldies and newbies will leave you feeling nostalgic while still excited for the future – and for spring break.

Dancing on Glass- St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s newest release, Dancing on Glass, is slightly techno while still having an authentic sound. It really makes you want to get up and dance – but not actually on glass, that would hurt.

Anna Sun- Walk the Moon

I always like to imagine that this song was written about me, but I tend to dream a bit too much sometimes. This song is a classic that encourages you to break the rules. Who cares if you’re a dreamer?

Mr. Redundant- Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Bottom line, this song makes me smile. It is minimalist without being boring, making you want to drive around all day with all the windows down.

Sunday Candy- Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

Not gonna lie, I can recite almost every word of this song verbatim. It’s the perfect mix of a little rap and a little pop, but it’s not one of those songs that you only like because of the chorus. This song is simply spectacular.

Helena Beat- Foster the People

I whip this song out almost every time I’m in a good mood and ready for a party. It reminds me to just relax and have fun.

All the Pretty Girls- Fun.

Okay let’s be real, this song can put a smile on anyone’s face. The upbeat classic symphony sound really makes you appreciate Fun. for the exceptional musicians that they are.

Fluorescent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys

This alt-rock song makes you want to put on your fishnets and night dress and have a ball. It’s the only “screw everything” song that doesn’t make you sad.

Worth Wondering- Bronze Radio Return

With so many upbeat tunes going on, we have to slow it down a little bit. This song has a relaxed yet still happy vibe.

Paint a Smile On Me- Black Yaya

This song really paints a smile on me. It has a super happy and optimistic sound, and never fails to put me in a good mood.

Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)- Passion Pit

This song makes me want to throw my fist up in the air and madly pump it until I pass out. If you need something to get you off your butt and get going, this is the song.

1970- MOD SUN

This song is definitely the rap highlight of this playlist. It really preaches to everything positive and cheerful, and has some funny anecdotes about the 70’s.

Take It Or Leave It- Sublime With Rome

This song has a real reggae feel, but you can still sing along to it without feeling awkward. It reminds anyone of summer and good vibes.

Summer Girl- Family of the Year

This song will either fill your stomach with butterflies or make you bawl – or both. It’s a real classic that will leave you feeling super senti.

Pretty Girl From Michigan- the Avett Brothers

This song makes me want to sit around a fire and make s’mores with all my best friends, and if a song can do that to an introverted pessimist who hates most social interaction, then that says something.

Rhythm of Love- Plain White T’s

We have to close with a classic, and this one will leave anyone feeling optimistic and ready to swing to the rhythm of love.

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Anna McClelland

Shawnee Mission East senior Anna McClelland is entering her third year on staff as Art & Design Editor. Informally, she holds the title ‘Chief of Annoying Grace Chisholm.’ She has previously worked as Spread Editor and a staff designer. Beyond The Harbinger, she serves as head Varsity Cheerleading captain and as a Pep Club Executive Officer. Anna also professionally mismatches socks. Read Full »

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