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Getting Down with Uptown KC: Sundays at the Roastarie

If you are a caffeine-addict like I am, coffee is an incredible staple in your daily life and quite possibly could be running through your bloodstream at this very moment. And if you happen to live in Kansas City and fit into the above mentioned category, then one name probably comes to mind when you hear the beautiful word that is “coffee”: The Roasterie.

The 27th street coffee shop is one of the best in the Uptown KC area. From its glass walls looking into the coffee factory to the plane on the roof, The Roasterie has by far the coolest atmosphere that perfectly fits any aspiring hipster who wants to sip on a salted caramel latte or an espressos (or ten, you know, whatever floats your boat).

img_8415However, today, we are not here to talk about the endless list of great things about one of my favorite coffee shops. We are here to discuss its parking lot. More importantly, its parking lot on Sundays.

Under the Plane at the Roasterie is a Sunday brunch unlike anything you will likely experience anywhere else in Kansas City. Rows on rows of food trucks serving perfectly tart apple cakes, handmade sausages and wood-fired pizzas are paired with booths selling tee shirts and calligraphy. The background is filled with the faint sounds of trains and the live music provided by a man strumming pop songs on his guitar.

Sitting down at a table while drinking my latte and devouring one too many pieces of cake, I was hit by this feeling that was along the lines of what a perfect day should feel like. Maybe that was the whole “first day of fall feeling like fall” thing or maybe it was something in my perfectly brewed coffee, but there is something about Under the Plane that makes it impossible to forget about.

So grab a couple friends, throw on a flannel and head down to 27th street next sunday for a day filled with delicious food trucks, great photo opportunities and a whole lot more.

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