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Gearing Up for 2012


According to its ad, it is  the most amazing Iphone, yet. The Iphone 4S is living up to recent hype and beating out competetors such as Android. Though minor changes in the makeup of the Iphone 4, the new features in the 4S include a faster duel core A-5 chip, a camera with 8 MP that also doubles as a video camera that shoots 1080 p HD.  And then, there’s Siri. Unlike the Iphone 4, the 4S introduces consumers to voice command.


Patagonia, North Face, Mountain Wear, – all popular outdoor clothing brands, but these few don’t compare to the effortlessly stylish design of Penfield USA’s Lakeville Parka. This weather proof jacket is made for both men and women and embodies the essence of style straight out of the ‘70s while putting a modern, outdoorsy twist to it. Not to mention, the jacket is fully durable and practicle for the ever changing seasons.


It never hurts to be on time and it never hurts to look good while doing it. Time-X’s classic Weekender watch is the perfect casual watch that will prevent you from looking up at the clock repeatedly in class or pulling out your phone under your desk to check the time. For a gadget so handy for telling time, this watch is timeless with it’s simple wristband that comes in various colors and sleak clock face.


Having cold feet is never a good feeling, in both senses. J.Crew’s Wool Crew Socks are specifically made to keep those puppies warm in the chilliest of conditions. The socks come in different colors such as navy blue, grey, brown, tan and white. Each pair is accented with two stripes on the top of the ankle so don’t be afrait to roll up th ose pants and show off these classy socks.


It seems as if headphones have digressed these days. Smaller headphones pick up external sounds while listening to music, podcasts, etc. Dre Beats are starting a revolution in headphones by taking the original oversized headphones that once took over the ears of hipsters in the ‘90s and ‘80s, and putting a modern spin on them. Anyone with these bad boys won’t have to deal with any outside noise while listening to tunes.


With all of the books young scholars must carry around these days, not having the right bag to carry all of that can be an even bigger burden. Osprey has been manufacturing high-quality back packs for years. The back packs are more durable than competitors and last longer so consumers get more use out of the product. The trek styled appearance makes this backpack easily interchangable from school to the great outdoors.


Plastic water bottles are a thing of the past. With people becoming more aware of the harmful damages plastic bottles can bring to the environment when not recycled, many are switching to reusable water bottles. Camelbak not only makes back packs, but BPA free water bottles. Each bottle is made with a bite valve and straw, so there’s no need to unscrew a hefty lid, just sip and go.


Every day wear boots are a must have item in the closets of everyone at some point. Esquivel makes stylish shoes for men and women that are both functional and classicly stylish for any occasion. They are wearable for casual days as well as dressy occasions.

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