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“Fury” Delivers Pitt’s Best Performance


With war movies usually focusing on destroyers, fighter jets and hand to hand combat, Brad Pitt’s Fury does an amazing job of showing a newer side to war. This movie focuses on tank combat. Pitt, who plays Don, “Wardaddy” Collier, commands his crew through a time where the Nazi’s will do anything to win. This results in intense, bloody battles.

The movie kicks off when a new crew member, Norm, is added to their squad. The first task that Pitt assigns Norm, is to clean out the inside of the tank. Viewers then see a very visual image of an eyeball, and what appears to be part of a cheek.

Norm, who was trained to type 60 words per minute, immediately throws up. This was completely out of his comfort zone. Less than a few hours later, Norm, who has no tank training, is thrown into a battle that would even be a challenge to the greatest of fighters. When Norm refuses to fire his gun, he almost costs the entire crew their lives.

After the battle, the U.S. soldiers capture a German, and Wardaddy forces the religious Norm into executing him.This moment is a turning point for Norm. This changed him from a reserved intellectual, into a ruthless killer. Now Every battle Norm is in, he screams “Die Nazi” at the top of his lungs while spraying bullets at huge amounts of soldiers.

“Fury” isn’t just another movie with guts and violence. It also focuses on the emotional sides of war. Midway through the movie, Norm meets a girl who he falls for almost immediately. Sadly, moments after their first kiss her house is hit by a mortar and she dies. The interesting part is that the guys use moments like these to unite themselves, and become a brotherhood.

The squad survives battle after battle, but eventually they are faced with a task that is a suicide mission. Instead of running away and hiding, they face the challenge, saying

“This tank is my home, I can’t leave now.”

“Fury” does a great job of entertaining it’s audience with gripping battle scenes and representing war on a larger platform. The emotional moments bring out a different side to the movie, that provides a different level to the film. Brad Pitt gives one of his best performances, in possibly his best movie ever. I recommend the movie to all audiences, unless you’re someone who get nauseous when you see blood.

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