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FüD Provides Exotic Food, Quirky Atmosphere

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On a rainy Friday night in downtown Kansas City, the big, bright windows of FüD illuminate a small portion of an otherwise dreary-looking 17th street. With vibrant orange walls and tightly packed tables of people happily chewing and chatting away, this cosy restaurant begs you to take a step inside.

FüD, pronounced “food”, specializes in vegan and organic dishes, with all of their ingredients bought locally. Each dish is bursting with color, reinforcing their emphasis on “super foods” and a “raw-living cuisine.”

This may seem daunting to some, but dairy lovers shouldn’t be discouraged: the chefs at FüD make their own cheese and ice cream out of cashews, sunflowers, and hemp seeds. They use these dairy alternatives to help put a vegan twist on classic dishes such as mac and cheese, quesadillas and grilled cheese.

As well as these simple and well-known meals they also have more exotic dishes, like their Rainbow Taco or Portabella Wrap. I chose the Sunny Sea, which is basically a mound of fresh greens, quinoa, avocado and other green veggies. Boy oh boy did it live up to its name. The sunflower, citrus-sage dressing was a bit too salty and bitter, kind of like sea water.

Although the dressing wasn’t enough to ruin the meal for me, I was definitely looking forward to something to get that salty taste out of my mouth. The dessert of the day, apple crumble a la mode, did just that. The warm and gooey cinnamon covered oats were the perfect compliment to the creamy, cashew-vanilla ice cream. I’ve never tasted a better rendition of this timeless classic in my life.

If you’re someone who likes intimacy and traditional dishes when they dine, then you may want to drive further into downtown. But if you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere and unique dishes you’ll be sure not to find anywhere else, FüD is the place for you. I’d recommend it to anyone with a bold palette who is willing to give wholesome, organic foods a try.

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