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Foleys’ Home in Music

IMG_0494Sophomore Bria Foley sits back in her black plastic chair with the number of the room, 211, on the back in white marker. Her legs are folded over one another and on each side of her are her friends. Her dad, Ken Foley, pulls a face
and sings in his highest falsetto. While it was one thing to have her dad goof off her in front of a few of her friends, it was another to do it in front of nearly 100 of her friends and peers. But being the daughter of the school choir teacher was something that she would have to get used to.

“Last year, having him as a teacher was pretty weird at first,” Bria said. “I was really embarrassed in freshman choir when he would act goofy but now I’m used to it and it
makes class really fun.”

IMG_0495Music runs in the family. Foley has been the director of the five choirs here at East for 7 years and has also been involved with East’s theatre department. Bria, his oldest daughter, sings with the Chansonettes choir and has been in many theatre productions, including East’s productions of “Shrek” and “Little Shop of Horrors” among others. In addition, Jilli Foley has been involved in productions such as “Shrek,” “Seussical” and others.

“There is a scene where Fiona is growing up and is waiting for her prince,” Bria said. “Jilli was the youngest Fiona, I was the middle Fiona and Maddie Roberts was the oldest Fiona. “It was amazing to get to perform in a song with my sister that was blocked and directed by my dad.”

Performing is a way of life for the Foleys. Foley’s parents were musicians, and because of this, the family is very musically and theatrically-oriented. Foley helps his daughters become better singers and performers throughout their performances and all three enjoy learning and working together.

“I think it’s really special,” Bria said. “It’s something we all have in common. It gives us that special bond most kids don’t have with their parents.

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