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Five Things You Need To Know: April 13

images1.) Hillary Clinton Begins 2016 Presidential Campaign

After a great deal of hype throughout last week, Hillary Clinton announced her intention to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Her announcement came as the first Democratic announcement, although Republicans Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have already made similar statements. She served under President Obama as Secretary of State until 2013, and is entering the race with an unprecedented approval rating of 53 percent according to Public Policy Polling.

141103-lauren-hill-jms-1914_4d19e96e86fa4acd127a1b95e757d5412.) Athletic Inspiration Passes Away at 19

Lauren Hill was a freshman basketball player at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She played in four games and made five layups for the team while battling an inoperable brain tumor, providing inspiration to athletes and cancer victims throughout the world. After raising over $1.1 million for cancer research, Hill passed away last Friday.

The NCAA moved up their season this year to allow Hill to play against Hiram College. She scored the first and last points of the 66-55 victory, which despite being Division III was broadcasted nationally and sold out a crowd of 10,250. Hill’s death prompted responses from players, coaches, patients and commentators across the country.

images-13.) Hit TV Series “Game of Thrones” Returns

After taking a hiatus, the HBO series “Game of Thrones” is back and more dramatic than ever. The show premiered on Sunday, April 17, and this season has already been promised to be “a dragon season.” We’ll leave out any spoilers, but trust us — it’s time to binge-watch any past episodes in order to be ready for yet another roller coaster season.

Unknown4.) Jordan Spieth Wins Masters in Record Fashion

Step aside, Tiger Woods. Barely-graduated 21-year-old Jordan Spieth is quickly becoming the new face of American golf. Spieth stole the show at the Masters, winning the tournament with a final score of 18 under 270, tying Woods’ previous record and earning his spot as the second youngest Masters winner. The win was Spieth’s first major victory after the Houston Open.

5.) Juniors Complete State Testing

East juniors finished up state testing last week, which took place during English classes. State testing will continue this month, which is the cause for the block scheduling. The schedule will remain 7-E-O-E-O for the rest of April.

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