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Feminist Club Spreads Awareness of Sexual Assault

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The feminist club has recently been working on new initiatives to spread awareness for sexual assault. The club is considering putting up posters in the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms to make sure people know the consequences of a sexual assault and what constitutes as sexual assault.

“Some people may be committing sexual assault or being sexually assaulted without even knowing,” senior and Feminist Club member Brena Levy said.

Feminist Club wants to spread awareness and try to prevent any assault in the future. The club has also been working on ways to stop the Eastonian from being written and will be discussing this at future meetings according to Feminist Club president Hazel Carson.

“The Eastonian was OK when it was created, but [the Eastonian] has now turned into something that could be considered sexual assault,” Levy said.

The club presidents have been working with Principal McKinney to figure out a solution to make sure the Eastonian is not published again.

One of the club’s solutions thought of by members is to write a response to the writers of the Eastonian. According to Carson, this year the Feminist Club is more focused on getting things done and promoting change than just discussion.

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