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Featured Athlete: Olivia Sneed


How did you get started playing tennis?

Well I lived in Wellington, KS and that was the only thing to do. I was five. It was the only thing to do down there.

What motivates you to play each day?
College. Getting to go to a good college is my motivation mostly.

What colleges have you been looking at?
We take five official visits that [the school] pays for and I went to Ohio State, Nebraska and I have a visit to TCU and North Carolina next.

What is your favorite memory of playing tennis?
Well I get to go to a lot of cool places. We go to San Diego every year and that’s probably my favorite tournament. It’s always good memories. I’ve been to Texas multiple times. California’s a big one. Tennessee. And just around the area, St. Louis, Oklahoma, places like that.

So why did you decide to play for East?
Well usually there’s a bunch of tournaments that go on during high school tennis and you’re not allowed to play tournaments [while playing for a school] and so this year, the college process is kind of done like coaches aren’t watching me as much so it’s kind of nice to take a break from everything an delay for East.

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