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Eastipedia: The SHARE Room

sharedroppedThe SHARE room can be summed up in three words: fluffy, bright and cozy.

“We love to cuddle in here,” said SHARE executive Erin McGinley. “We even have our own blankets to snuggle in when it gets cold.”

The current and updated SHARE room was put in place five years ago, when East was renovated. The room used to be in the nurse’s, Bev Timmer’s office. But when the school was renovated, the previous science meeting room, used for the science teachers’ meetings, turned into the SHARE room.

The SHARE room is constantly in use; The SHARE executives have third hour in the room (room 463) where they plan and discuss events and projects.

“This is where all the magic happens,” said McGinley. “It’s basically like a college living room.”

Supervising the executives’ third hour is Pat Kaufman, the SHARE director.

“We are always welcoming, and love to have people in here,” said Kaufman.

According to all the executives, the SHARE room is a great place to make friends and get to know new people. They also believe that the goal of the SHARE room is to make volunteering fun.

According to Kaufman, the trademark of the SHARE room is these furry, animated figures of different animals and creatures that make noises and move around. They are all different, and the SHARE executives have been collecting these figures since the new SHARE room was instituted, and have been arranged in all possible corners of the room, adding to its fun, relaxed atmosphere. There are lights stringing the walls and ceiling, and chairs and couches against the wall.

“Everything in [the room] is hand-made and from the heart,” said Kaufman.

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