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Eastipedia: Robotics Club

If sports aren’t your thing, and you’re not so good with a paint brush, you might want to take a look down in room 105. Vincent Miller, the industrial technology teacher, is breeding a generation of kids who have the ability to change the science world now, and in the future.

“Robotics club is basically exactly how it sounds,” Miller said. “We work with and build and run robots. We base it around the first robotics competition. Every January a competition comes out, the team gets six weeks to build a robot that weighs up to 120 lbs.”

Every Monday, as well as Wednesdays and Saturdays during competition season, the team gets together to brainstorm, build and continue to improve their technological skill and provide opportunities to invent and perfect their robot. This year’s robot name is “Quick Scurrying Chipmunk,” because of its ability to move in any direction from a standing position.

Only one student is trained to drive the robot, junior Tommy Crow. Crow spends his time giving lessons to other kids in the club who want to learn to drive the machine.

The club attends two competitions per year. The first competition is the regional competition, and a practice competition with the previous years’ robot, called “Cowtown.” The team has won many awards, but the most honorable one is the Rookie Award, given to a novice team noticed for outstanding effort and best new coming robot. After winning regionals the team moved onto Nationals, where they were given the “Gracious Professionalism Award,” given to the team that is the most helpful and has the best manners and sportsmanship.


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