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East Plans Lip Dub Video

UPDATED: Click here to view the full Lip Dub video.

On Sept. 26, students at Shawnee Mission East will be taking on a project that has never been done at the school before: an all-encompassing, school-wide lip dub.

A lip dub is a video that combines lip-syncing and audio dubbing to create a music video. The video will showcase the variety of clubs, sports and organizations at East, including table tennis, gymnastics, Student Council and robotics.

“We really want to rally together [the students at SM East] with this video,” Associate Principal Britt Haney said. “We’re going all out on this thing.”

The administration has hired a professional cameraman to shoot the video, which will be completed in one continuous take.

Over a thousand students will crowd the hallways of the first through fourth floors, lip-syncing the words to Don’t Stop Believing by Journey in the club or sport they are a part of. Each group will have a specific location in the school and different outfits and performances to contribute to the video. The videographer will travel through the school and down the staircases to capture the tight-knit organizations that make East the school that it is.

“We’re going to be packed like sardines, arms around each other, but it’s going to be really cool,” Haney said.

In the last scene, the camera will pan to the auditorium, the music will cut and the choir will sing the final bars of Don’t Stop Believing a cappella.

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