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UPDATED: East Went Into Lockdown Due to Threat in Surrounding Area

UPDATED: The Overland Park Police Department (OPPD) released information concerning the threat the department received that caused all schools in the Shawnee Mission School District to go into lockdown on Monday, Sept. 9.

The police department had received a phone call from a mother who said her son was upset about a disturbance he was involved in over the weekend in Johnson County, Kansas. The mother told the police department that he was heading towards a Johnson County high school possibly armed. The mother then abruptly hung up.

A few moments later, the mother called back again to let the police department know that her son had returned, unarmed before hanging up again. When the police department tried to call back the mother, they found that the phone was disconnected and no longer in service. The OPPD then alerted the surrounding school districts of the possible threat.

The OPPD has been unable to recontact the mother or track down the son. The name the mother gave as her son’s name has had no help in advancing the investigation. The police department is continuing to look into the threat and all information that can assist the investigation is asked to be passed on to law enforcement officials.

ORIGINAL POST: Around 2:20 p.m., East and all the other schools of the Shawnee Mission School District went into lockdown due to a threat received by the Overland Park Police Department. As a precaution, all the schools were told to lock all doors, keep students out of the hallways and keep students inside of the school. Class still continued and students were dismissed at the normal release time.

Afterschool activities were told to practice inside for the afternoon. All soccer and tennis practices were canceled for the evening and football was moved into the gym. Cross country was unaffected due to a morning practice as well as volleyball and golf.

Anybody with information concerning the threat should contact law enforcement or school officials.

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