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East Families Attend Culver’s Night to Benefit PTA

On Tuesday night, Culver’s filled up from wall to wall with familiar East faces. Students of all ages lined up to get their favorite foods, from fried cheese to chocolate milkshakes and to see their very own teachers flip the famous butter burgers.

East students and parents were invited to Culver’s Night to eat and hang with their friends, and in return, Culver’s would donate 10 percent of the proceeds to East’s PTA. Several teachers volunteered to come flip burgers and act as waiters and waitresses. According to StuCo Sponsor Brenda Fishman, their ultimate goal was to collect around $300.

Culver’s Night is now a tradition for some East families, especially senior Logan Weckbaugh and her mother.

“My mom and I always come to Culver’s on Culver’s Night,” Logan said. “The best part is the burgers and the ice cream is just an added bonus.”

Freshman Taylor McCullough likes the combination of good food and charity given in Culver’s Night.

“Culver’s is a great restaurant, it’s one of my favorites.” McCullough said. “Culver’s Night is a great and easy way to support east while getting good food.”

Intro to Computer Aided Design teacher Jason Smith was one of the lucky teachers acting as a burger-flipper/waiter. He is mostly focused on the ways the benefits of the night will help the PTA.

“The PTA is a great organization for East,” Smith said. “They help us out tremendously. From the little things like providing us lunches to behind the scenes stuff. Any way we can help them out is a great thing for us.”

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