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Cross Country — Week 4

Last weekend, the cross country team ventured out to Baldwin, KS to take part in the Baldwin Invitational, a race that takes place on an old golf course. This course is described by runners as “the fastest race of the year”, and both the girls’ and the boys’ proved that to be an accurate description as almost 90 percent of the team ran season-best times. The boys were led by senior Mitch Daniel, as he finally broke his personal record and broke 17 minutes, while the girls youth once again prevailed, as three of the top four girls were underclassmen, and only one senior cracked the top seven.
However, despite the great times the East team put together, they still came up short when it came to scoring. Shawnee Mission West continued to run strong, and St. Thomas Aquinas showed that they are still a major threat. The closest race that east almost won, was the boys’ JV race, which was led by senior Ben Randolph, who also ran a personal best and finished second overall, followed by seniors Josh Winter and Matt Gannon, who both finished in the top 10. The JV ended up finishing second to St. Thomas Aquinas, but it was still a great display of the team’s depth and senior leadership.

Now with Rim Rock coming up this week, it is time for this senior-packed East team to finally establish itself. At Rim Rock, East takes its top 42 runners and runs seven in each respected category. The course is both loved and hated by the runners, as it is scenic and has undeniable atmosphere, along with some of the most monstrous hills that these runners will face this season. With strong competition attending from all over, this race will provide a real gut-check to see where East really lies.


Varsity (BOYS)
-Mitch Daniel (SR) <16:59>
-Joe Bahr (JR) <17:26>
-Adam Simmons (SR) <17:27>
-Evan Nichols (SR) <17:29>
-Chipper Jorns (JR) <17:30>
-Ian Wiseman (SR) <17:33>
-Reid Frye (SR) <17:42>

Varsity (GIRLS)
-Annie Kuklenski (SO) <15:57>
-Hannah Arnspiger (FR) <16:06>
-Anna Colby (JR) <16:21>
-Grace Quinlan (SO) <16:35>
-Alex Hilliard (JR) <16:40>
-Tiernan Shank (JR) <16:41>
-Kennedy Burgess (SR) <16:44>


-Joe Lewis (SR) <17:43>
-Ben Randolph (SR) <17:52>
-Jack Howland (SR) <18:14>
-Jake McCoy (SR) <18:28>
-Josh Winter (SR) <18:28>
-Matt Gannon (SR) <18:30>
-George Miller (FR) <18:52>

-Emily Kerr (SR) <16:42>
-Christa McKittrick (SR) <16:49>
-Kiki Sykes (SR) <16:56>
-Kellie Johnson (SR) <16:57>
-Ilana Duby (SO) <17:26>
-Katie Crawford (SR) <17:31>
-Kaitlin Stewart (SO) <17:35>

C-Team (BOYS)
-Henry Hoffman (SR) <18:53>
-Quinn Appletoft (SO) <18:53>
-Bryan Bailey (FR) <19:04>
-Charlie Crossette (JR) <19:14>
-Spencer Jones (SO) <19:15>
-Andrew Fischer (SR) <19:15>
-Michael Thibodeau (FR) <19:17>

C-Team (GIRLS)
-Katherine Smith (JR) <17:43>
-Lilly Stalder (SR) <17:46>
-Chloe Stradinger (JR) <17:46>
-Emily Sneed (JR) <17:54>
-Addie Anthony (JR) <17:55>
-Lucy Lehoczky (SR) <17:56>
-Lauren Brown (SO) <18:06>

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