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Coach Sherman Victorious over Lymphoma

For the last seven months head football coach Chip Sherman has been fighting Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  He underwent chemotherapy, radiation treatment and many other treatments througout the summer and into the fall of last year.  On Thursday evening Sherman underwent scans to check his body for the cancer cells.  Friday afternoon his test results came back clear, meaning that he had beat the cancer for the time being.

Sherman will have to undergo scans every 60 days for the rest of his life to confirm that the cancer has not returned to his system.

It’s been a tough battle,” Sherman said.  “But at the end of the day I am just happy to be back with my players.”  At the end of the season Sherman told the team in a post season meeting that his return to the head coaching position relied solely on his cancer treatment.  Simply put if he beat cancer he would be back as the head coach and if the cancer came back he would have to take a season off to be with his family.


Students React on Twitter and Facebook to Coach Sherman Beating Cancer
@JHarrigan76 :“So happy to hear Coach Sherman beat cancer. The man never ceases to amaze me, I’m proud to have played for him”
@SamHeneger:  “Nice try cancer, but you were messin with the wrong Coach Sherman.”

@cheadz04:  “Sherman didnt want me 2 write the story about him. I told him I thought it would help ppl. After that he was all for it #CongratsSherman”

@BradyForbes: “Coach Sherman will always be an inspiration to all of us, the east body needs balance and we would not be balanced without coach Sherman”

@JackWSayler:  “Shermdog Beats Cancer. Harbinger headline”

@webbgemz:  “Absolutely elated. Love my coach #ALLIN”

@DavidSosna:  “Coach Sherman will be back this next year and our prayers have been answered. Thank god I get to be coached my senior year by this man. Everyone at east has had his back. Truly amazing what he has done for east.”

@jakefleming10:  “Congratulation to Coach Chip Sherman for defeating cancer. Love you Coach, couldn’t be happier!”

@asheridan7:  “Congrats to coach Sherman being cancer free! God answers prayers! #ALLIN”

@coletrainxpress:  “Coach Sherman cancer free!!!!!!!!!”

@alowe22:  “Congrats to coach Sherman on beating cancer! Seriously an answer to our prayers! If anyone could do it we knew it was you. #foreverALLIN”

@LCRose22:  “So pumped for Sherman’s great news #shermanovereverything”
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