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When asked to describe the sound of his band, lead guitarist Keshav Ramaswami can reply without hesitation: funk, jazz, rock and blues. Ultimately, the end result is a “fusion” of multiple sounds combined into one. The tracks are completely instrumental and at some points, utter improvisation. Oh, there’s hints of reggae too.

The band is open to many different sounds when they play. They’ve been together for a little under six months as a band. Their paths crossed when Keshav played a blues competition at Guitar Center and one of the judges felt inclined to introduce him to his two sons. After a quick trip to the back of the store for some spontaneous jamming, Keshav was sold. He had found his rock counterparts in the form of Max and Nick Penichet.

From the get-go, they’ve all had similar ideas and have been relatively happy with each other. All have had substantial experience with creating music, especially as Keshav has played for 12 years. They’ve had a few minor gigs so far but haven’t seen anything too big. They look forward to their future together and will continue their multi-genre rocking.

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