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Choraliers and Chamber Choir to Perform in District Festival

The Choraliers perform at the district choir festival. Photo by Hailey Hughes.


Tomorrow night, East’s top choirs will perform at the Shawnee Mission District High and Middle School choral festival. The festival, held at SM South, will include performances from all 10 Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) high and middle school choirs, as well as each high school’s chamber choir. The East Choraliers and Chamber choir will each perform two songs.

Since the beginning of second semester, the Choraliers and the Chamber choir have been rehearsing for the spring concert March 30, as well as the District festival. The Choraliers are planning to sing “A Choral Flourish,” composed by Linda Spevacek and “Trees,” composed by Daniel Brinsmead.

“The only thing that we get tripped up on is the clapping in ‘A Choral Flourish,’” said Choraliers member Maria Dunn. “But I think that happens whenever you have 135 trying to clap simultaneously. I think ‘Trees’ is going to be great, we sound awesome on it. We’ve gotten to the point where we can refine all of the little things, all of the enunciation and nuances, which is something we can’t do unless we know all of the notes.”

The Chamber choir will be performing “Think of Me,” composed by Gary Fry, and a group number with all of the high school chamber choirs called “Na Bahia Tem,” which is composed by Daniel Rufino Afonso Jr.

“I’m really excited to hear all the choirs sing,” said Chambers member Clara Martin. “I think it’s cool that we get the chance to see other people perform and to compare ourselves to them. I’m also really pumped for the finale that all the Chamber choirs sing because the song we’re singing is so fun and we’re going to sound great.”

The concert will take place at 7 p.m. in South’s auditorium.


Listen below to the Chamber choir performing “Think of Me” and “When I Hear Music.”


“Think of Me” by Gary Fry

“When I Hear Music” by Michael G. Martin

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