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Blog: The Orange and Black Blues

Halloween is a teenager’s last connection with their childhood.

Okay, that may be a bit of an overstatement, but when else is it entirely appropriate for high schoolers to gorge themselves on candy while dressed as ninjas?

Yet this last vestige of adolescence has been under attack by the uncontrollable: weekdays. For two years we’ve had school the morning after Halloween. This is a considerable bummer for the many of us who want to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve; even worse is attempting to do homework as the doorbell rings repeatedly and children of all ages have fun while you are stuck inside.

Many teenagers have little siblings that they want to take trick-or-treating, something near impossible when you are glued to a textbook, studying for a test. My personal tradition of carving pumpkins and having a horror film marathon with my dad is impractical when I have school the next morning.

Not only are we practically forbidden from having fun Halloween night, but when we do have Halloween on a school day we aren’t allowed to dress up! No fake blood, no bulky pumpkin costumes or hand-made toilet paper mummies!  Even worse is the lack of ghosts with too many holes declaring “I got a rock.” Teachers no longer hand out candy, nor do students get nights free of homework due to the holiday.

It’s time to rise up and declare that the day after Halloween be a holiday! I can handle being in school on Halloween; I’ll even compromise and give you the whole “no costumes” rule. But if we don’t get to have fun during the day of Halloween, at least let us have the night. After all, you don’t want to piss off the living dead.

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