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Blog: How to Deal with Anxiety

Second semester of senior year at Shawnee Mission Wonderful. This stirs up two emotional responses: the first of pulling into the senior parking lot promptly at 7:38 on Monday mornings; the second of extensive papers and looming International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement standardized testing.

I’m a Regular Decision gal — which unfortunately means that my college options are in limbo until April. This insecurity — not knowing my own future — is, needless to say, nerve-wracking. I usually manage stage fright by just shaking it off — a drink of water and a bathroom break. Dealing with college anxiety, however, feels more like I’m just sweeping dust under the rug — hiding a problem to face it later, when the right time comes.

But don’t worry. I’ve found three easy steps to stifle all anxieties.

1. Worrying is never worth feeling tired the next day. I for one like sleeping because it’s like dying but less of a commitment.

2. They say that athletes feel better about themselves than us apathetic slobs. Fresh air is nice. If nothing else, take advantage of the ludicrously nice weather with an outdoor nap.

3. Eat your feelings. Chocolate. All day. Every day.

Good luck, Lancers.

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Emily Donovan

Emily is a senior at East who has happily joined the Harbinger as a Staff Writer and Anchor. Besides would-be writer, Emily is an International Baccalaureate candidate, "theatre kid," and artiste-wanna-be. Read Full »

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