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Blog: College Confusion

Last weekend I took my first college visits. I visited five schools in two days, a feat only possible due to my “private college counselor” (my aunt Laura) and her spectacular planning abilities.

As a junior I realize that I’m getting ahead of the game but I thought that college visits would lead me to a sense of security in the coming year. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

But let’s begin with the logistics of the trip. We started out with Smith College, where my aunt, along with my great-aunt, cousin and grandmother all attended and was very excited to show me around. We then drove around three of the other five schools affiliated with Smith: Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke. The next day we drove to the center of Boston to visit Boston University.

We took this visit in order to get a look at two completely different types of schools: the small, private, all female college (Smith) vs. the large, co-ed, urban setting college in the middle of a city (BU). While I thought this would help me understand exactly what I wanted, I came back with so much stress that I missed school the next day due to a migraine.

I expected to step onto one of those campuses and immediately know where I belonged. But as I took tours and visited info sessions I began to become overwhelmed with the abundance of information.

Along with that is the stress of picking a major. I’ve wanted to be a vet since elementary school but while at BU I found out that a pre-vet program is almost identical to pre-med programs. This alone is terrifying because I don’t know if I can handle that kind of pressure.

While I really enjoyed both schools I have no idea which I really liked better. BU was so large and, having never lived in a city, I don’t know if the hustle-and-bustle of Boston is going to be too overwhelming or distracting. Smith was gorgeous and offers a lot in financial aid and internship possibilities but was it right for me? I honestly have no idea what I want anymore.

Even though I know I have another year and a half before I have to make my decision, I’m still stressing out.

Honestly, I envy the seniors submitting their Early Applications this November. At least they know what direction they want to go in. I’m more confused then ever.

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Zoe Brian

Zoe Brian is a senior in her seventh semester on the Harbinger and is the assistant editor of online. She can often be found reading, spending time with her dogs and listening to vinyl records. Her frequent haunts include the J-Room, book-stores, local theaters and Wayside Waifs, a local animal shelter. Read Full »

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