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Abundance of Cake

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Nothing Bundt Cakes
’ new store 
opened recently in Mission along with it first location in Overland Park. I was of course interested in trying the cake but also wanted an excuse to say the pun.


Bright walls made me feel like I was visiting the inside of a dollhouse, while the smell of fresh, sugary icing filled the small store. The chartreuse, pastel brown and light azure theme was everywhere. The punny name made me even more excited to devour a just-baked bundt cake.


While scanning the unfamiliar place, I found small tables of party decorations that were set up in the empty space between the counter and door. On the tables were fake bundt cakes set up on platters and displays. These inspirations were a great way to promote their products and give cute ideasfor parties.


I continued to examine the room and noticed to my right there were pages packed full of cake decoration ideas and examples. The majority of the baubles were flowers and dainty-looking cake toppers all revolving around certain themes.


The cakes were all iced the same way: ivory vanilla icing piped to look like drippings down the side. The uniform icing seemed to give the company a signature that I couldn’t help but admire. The only differences in the cakes were the decorations on top, like a miniature banner with “Congratulations” held up with toothpicks surrounded by cameo pink daisies.  

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Displayed in the window at the counter were about two dozen bundt cakes of all different sizes and flavors. Sizing of the cakes went from bundtinis, bundtlets, eight-inch bundts to 10-inch bundts from smallest to biggest. The options in themselves were creative, and made me want to order all of them, mostly so I could tell my friends I ate a “bundtlet”.


With the help of the great service, I ended up ordering a dozen bundtinis. In other words, it was a “bundtiful” amount of cake for one girl.


While I waited the 15 minutes for my dozen, I saw the store offered a punch card that read “for every 10 dozen bundtinis you buy, get one free dozen!”. I grabbed a card, anticipating my first punch.


As I was walking around prizing my new punch card, I discovered the store’s taster palette for the flavor of the month: pumpkin. I couldn’t help but take two of the small squares topped with a dollop of icing.


My total came out to be about $20; the most I have ever paid for basically a dozen cupcakes so the bundtinis averaged to be around $1.50. I thought it was a reasonable price for a single bundtini. I was kind of ashamed knowing I was about to go home and indulge in $20 worth of bundt cakes. By myself.  


There are only 10 flavors of the cake, so the extra two bundtinis left in the dozen were replaced with lemon. Of all flavors, lemon? I wish the clerk would have at least asked me which flavor I would prefer, because I’m not a huge fan of fruit-flavored cakes. I feel that they contrast each other too much, but the lemon actually turned out to be delectable tasting, like homemade lemonade.


All of the bundtinis were extremely moist and rich, allowing me to easily gobble up the small cupcake-size bundts. I only took single bites out of every one so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself with the patent flavors. All the tastes were obvious to their names, and the second I bit into any one of the bundtinis, I recognized their flavor.


I broke my one-bite-only rule for a few of my favorite flavors: pumpkin, chocolate chocolate chip and red velvet. By the time I was finished devouring my mini cakes, I was extremely pleased with all the bundtinis. They all were baked to perfection, and the recipes had clearly been mastered.


It was no surprise that I savored all the cake flavors aDSC_0004nd determined that there most likely wouldn’t be any flavor of cake that I didn’t like. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s all cake and it’s all mouthwatering.


On my way out the door, a sign that read “Thanks a Bundt” made me chuckle, topping off my experience at Nothing Bundt Cakes. The sign was an adorable and endearing addition to the character of the store, making me love it even more.


RATING: 5/5 stars


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