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Online Editors: Kaleigh Koc and Reser Hall

Assistant Online Editors: Annabelle Cook and Will Tulp

Print Editors: Robbie Veglahn and Grace Chisholm

Assistant Print Editors: Lizzie Kahle and Emily Fey

Mobile Media Editors: Anna Kanaley and Lucy Hoffman

Assistant Mobile Media Editor: Brooklyn Terrill

Photo Editors: Diana Percy, Ellie Thoma and Carson Holtgraves

Assistant Photo Editors: Grace Goldman, Maddie Smiley (Online) and Audrey Kesler (Print)

Video Editor: Avery Walker

Assistant Video Editor: Drake Woods

Head Copy Editor: Daisy Bolin

Design Editor:  Katie Hise

Assistant Design Editor: Grace Padon

Editorial Board: Daisy BolinRobbie Veglahn, Grace ChisholmReser HallKaleigh KocAnnabelle Cook ,Will TulpLizzie KahleEmily FeyAnna KanaleyLucy Hoffman, Brooklyn Terrill, Harrison Gooley, Caroline Chisholm


Online News Editor: Alex Freeman

Print News Editor: Lucy Patterson

Online Sports Editor: Jet Semrick

Print Sports Section Editor: Elias Lowland

Homegrown Editor: Pauline Shaver

Print Features Editors: Lila Tulp and Abby Walker

Online A&E Editor: Kaylin McCan

Print A&E Editors: Liddy Stallard and Grace Padon

Editorials Editor: Caroline Chisholm

Online Opinion Editor: Miranda Hack

Print Opinion Editors: Scout Rice and Gracie Kost

Eastipedia Section Editor: Lucy Kendall

Spread Editor: Annabelle Cook


Video Editor: Avery Walker

Assistant Video Editor: Ian Schutt

Video Training Editor: Peyton Watts

Live Broadcast Editor: Peyton Watts

Interactives Editors: Will Tulp and Annabelle Cook

Podcast Editor: Lucy Patterson

Anchors: Peyton Watts, Ian Schutt, Mac Newman

Multimedia Staff: Ian Schutt, Maggie Schutt, Ryan Gossick, Megan Funkey, Georgia Cook, Dalton Reck, Brett Wainwright, Sydney Williams, Riley Atkinson, Lawder DeSantis, Cate Nearmyer


Photo Editors: Diana Percy, Ellie Thoma and Carson Holtgraves

Assistant Photo Editors: Grace Goldman, Maddie Smiley (Online) and Lucy Morantz (Print)

SME Photos Editor: Izzy Zanone

Head Photo Mentor: Izzy Zanone

Staff Photographers: Tyler Browning, Ellen Swanson, Reilly Moreland, Luke Hoffman, Lucy Morantz, Elizabeth Anderson, Ava Simonsen, Morgan Plunkett, Katherine Odell, Katherine McGinness, Hadley Hyatt, Ally Griffith, Kate Nixon, Aislinn Menke, Kathleen Deedy, Lena Heukelbach, Camille Talkington


Copy Editors: Daisy Bolin, Kaleigh Koc, Reser Hall, Annabelle Cook, Will Tulp, Robbie Veglahn, Grace Chisholm, Emily Fey, Lizzie Kahle, Mac Newman, Madeline Hlobik, Abby Walker, Harrison Gooley, Caroline Chisholm, Scout Rice, Lucy Patterson, Alex Freeman, Pauline Shaver, Marti Fromm

Staff Writers: Pauline Shaver, Lucia Barraza, Miranda Hack, Jackie Cameron, Natasha Thomas, Gabby Leinbach, Brynn Winkler, Kaylin McCan, Maya Stratman, Meg Thoma, Elizabeth Ballew


Page Designers: Carolyn Popper, Gracie Kost, Jackie Cameron, Natasha Thomas, Gabby Leinbach, Brynn Winkler, Caroline Chisholm, Elias Lowland, Scout Rice, Grace Padon, Kaylin McCan, Annabelle Cook, Liddy Stallard, Lila Tulp, Abby Walker, Sarah Wilcox, Sarah Bledsoe, Meg Thoma, Elizabeth Ballew, Ava Johnson

Staff Artists: Donna Kay and Skyler Boschen 


Ads & Business Managers: Caroline Chisholm and Lila Tulp

Circulation Manager: Elizabeth Anderson

Subscriptions Managers: Sarah Wilcox and Lucy Kendall

Contest Coordinator: Emily Fey

Adviser: Dow Tate

The Harbinger Online Staff

The Harbinger is the exclusive student-run news program for Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, KS. Staffed by approximately 60 dedicated super-students and overseen by adviser C. Dow Tate, the print and online publications have won numerous national awards. The Harbinger is published in print every two weeks and its website edition is updated daily. The website edition includes blogs, live video, photo galleries and stories not published in the ... Read Full »

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