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The Harbinger Staff

Online Editors: Ellie Cook and Celia Hack

Assistant Online Editors: Morgan Biles and Anna Kanaley

Print Editors: Ellie Booton, Will Clough and Claire Pottenger

Assistant Print Editors: Grace Chisholm and Daisy Bolin

Mobile Media Editors: Marti Fromm and Courtney McClelland

Head Copy Editors: Caroline Heitmann and Robbie Veglahn

Photo Editors: Haley Bell, Morgan Browning and Kaitlyn Stratman

Assistant Photo Editors: Diana Percy, Carson Holtgraves and Ellie Thoma

SME Photos Editor: Carson Holtgraves

Mobile Media Photo Editor: Audrey Kesler

Design Editors:  Anna McClelland and Yashi Wang

Video Editor: Diego Galicia

Assistant Video Editors: Nic Bruyere

Video Training Editor: Cole Conderman

Live Broadcast Editors: Will Hembree and Peyton Watts

Interactives Editor: Will Tulp

Social Media Editors: Annabelle Cook and Grace Padon

Asst. Social Media Editor: Lucy Hoffman

Online News Editor: Kaleigh Koc

Print News Editor: Abby Walker

Online Sports Editor: Reser Hall and Jet Semrick

Print Sports Section Editor: Emily Fey

Online Features Editor: Brooklyn Terrill

Print Features Editor: Ellie Mitchell

Online A&E Editors: Annabelle Cook and Pauline Shaver

Print A&E Editors: Annabelle Cook and Sean Overton

Editorials Editor: Will Tulp

Online Opinion Editor: Gracie Kost and Liddy Stallard

Print Opinion Editor: Annie Jones

Eastipedia Section Editor: Scout Rice

Spread Editor: Katie Hise

Copy Editors: Robbie VeghlanMorgan BilesEllie Booton, Claire Pottenger, Will CloughCelia HackCaroline HeitmannCourtney McClelland, Ellie Cook, Emily Fey, Marti Fromm, Madeline Hlobick, Anna Kanaley, Mac Newman, Sean Overton, Abby Walker, Grace Chisholm, Harrison Gooley, Lizzie Kahle and Daisy Bolin

Staff Writers: Gracie Kost, Maya Stratman, Elizabeth Ballew, Kaleigh Koc, Lucia Barraza, Katherine McGinness, Pauline Shaver and Alex Freeman

Page Designers: Anna Dierks, Elias Lowland, Will Tulp, Meg Thoma, Katie Hise, Gracie Kost, Ava Johnson, Annie Jones, Carolyn Popper, Sean Overton, Lucy Patterson, Lila Tulp, Grace Padon, Emily Fey, Liddy Stallard, Caroline Chisholm, Sarah Wilcox, Emma Vaughters, Annabelle Cook, Abby Walker and Lizzie Kahle

Staff Photographers: Allison Stockwell, Annie Lomshek, Ava SimonsenElizabeth Anderson, Ellen Swanson, Ty Browning, Laini Reynolds, Grace Goldman, Izzy Zanone, Katherine Odell, Libby WilsonMaddie Smiley, Charles Manne, Morgan Plunkett, Sophie Storbeck, Lucy Morantz, Katherine McGinness, Luke Hoffman and Reilly Moreland

Multimedia StaffDrake Woods, Avery Walker, Will Tulp, Nic Bruyere, Anna Dierks, Peyton Watts and Will Hembree

Social & Mobile Media Staff: Lucia Barraza, Katherine McGinness, Morgan Plunkett, Lucy Hoffman, Alex Freeman and Reilly Moreland

Staff Artists: Maya Stratman and Will Tulp 

Ads & Business Manager: Grace Chisholm

Circulation Manager: Elizabeth Anderson

Subscriptions Manager: Sarah Wilcox

Contest Coordinator: Daisy Bolin

Anchor: Peyton Watts and Avery Walker

Editorial Board: Morgan Biles, Daisy Bolin, Ellie Booton, Will Clough, Ellie Cook, Celia Hack, Caroline Heitmann, Courtney McClelland, Claire Pottenger, Robbie Veghlan, Grace Chisholm and Reser Hall

Adviser: Dow Tate

The Harbinger Online Staff

The Harbinger is the exclusive student-run news program for Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, KS. Staffed by approximately 60 dedicated super-students and overseen by adviser C. Dow Tate, the print and online publications have won numerous national awards. The Harbinger is published in print every two weeks and its website edition is updated daily. The website edition includes blogs, live video, photo galleries and stories not published in the ... Read Full »



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