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2014 Spring Break Choir Trip Announced

Choir director Ken Foley made the announcement a week before holiday break that the choir is heading to Spain for the 2014 Spring Break trip.

“[I’ve considered going] to South America, Brazil or Argentina, or something like that,” Foley said. “British Isles was one of the things we thought about. France maybe. Spain we thought would be a good location just because a lot of our students take Spanish and we thought it’d be a neat place to visit.”

The choir students will be raising money for their trip through car washes and raffles. Foley enjoys the raffle auction, which sells off a trip to England, because the money the students get from the sale of the raffle tickets go directly into their fund for the trip.

Foley and the Choir Boosters are still finalizing their itinerary. Spain isn’t well known for their music so Foley is carefully choosing  the song they’ll be singing for next year. Plans are being made to tour museums and artists’ homes, watch a soccer club train and even take a Flamenco dance class.

“What I try to do is make [the trip] very much a cultural thing for the students to see things that they just can’t see here, just experience things that are a different culture,” Foley said.

¡Vamos a Espana!

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