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Udderly Delicious: Why Milk is Amazing


All throughout pre-school and elementary school, the only thing that pulled me out from under my pink polka-dot covers was the chocolate milk I knew was waiting for me on my kitchen counter.

The simple beverage got me motivated for the day, and it still does. Of course, now that I’m dealing with late night chemistry cram sessions rather than an 8 p.m. bedtime, I’ve branched out to coffee (accompanied by almond milk.)

Whether it is milk or melk (even though it’s obviously milk), it never fails to satisfy me by getting me ready for the day by refreshing my palette. Or even if I’ve somehow gotten some hot chili pepper in my eye, it’s good for that too!

Dairy milk should be drank on an everyday basis. It offers good nutrients while also acting as a sweet treat to your day. Can you imagine how boring it would be if you had to eat cereal with no milk? No thanks. And if I want a carton of chocolate milk at lunch, I shouldn’t receive any scrutiny for the drink seeming too “childish.” If you don’t drink at least one glass of milk every day, get on that.

According to Medical News Today, milk is full of vitamins that help build bones and maintain healthy blood pressure. But as a sophomore in high school, I’m more interested in the taste — like Shatto’s sweet cotton candy milk or Nestle’s creamy strawberry milk.

But also speaking as a sophomore trying to graduate high school, milk does a great job of ensuring a good night’s sleep, according to Eurek Alert. It also increases mental performance and improves memory, which would really come in handy when prepping for a speech in English.

However, recent studies claim that milk really isn’t that good for you. Science Direct claims that milk consumption can cause teenage acne. This is a false interpretation (Science Direct probably thinks it’s pronounced melk too). According to Dermalogica, milk doesn’t trigger any acne or breakouts — it’s just that some hormones produced by cows that can be found in milk may overstimulate skin oil glands.

But to be safe, or for any vegans or people that are lactose intolerant, a great tasting substitute with similar health benefits and is better for you is almond milk. As previously mentioned, almond milk offers a great change in flavor consisting of vanilla to my morning routine and it still manages to strengthen and maintain bones without containing dairy. I would definitely consider giving it a try.

Although I am a fan of Shatto’s root beer milk, it’s always good to stick to the classic 2 percent milk for when I’ve just finished a bag of jalapeno chips and my tongue is on fire, or after I’ve had a bowl of mac and cheese and I need to satisfy my thirst.

But occasionally I will enjoy a simple yet wonderful glass of creamy chocolate milk. It’s my go-to for motivation when doing homework or for a Netflix binge of “The Office.” It reminds me of when I used to drink it on the mornings before pre-school. Except now I don’t use a sippy cup.


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