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Review: The Welcome Center


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For years, the Village Cup at Village Presbyterian Church has been my second home. Whether it was snuggling into the red leather couches during a Bible study, desperately searching for Wi-Fi to finish the weekend’s homework or steaming milk for customer’s lattes behind the counter, the tiny coffee shop has always been my favorite Sunday spot.

Recently the little hole-in-the-wall spot moved up the stairs and around the corner into VPC’s latest renovation – the Welcome Center. I was definitely unsure of the fate of my weekend hangout due to it’s significant increase in size, but I have been nothing but impressed with the new space.

The two year, $23 million project was completed and opened to the public on March 13. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it into the new space until last Monday when I decided to test out my former homework go-to.

I was immediately struck by the use of natural lighting in the new Welcome Center. The wall closest to Mission Road is decorated with windows, keeping the space well lit and with a very open feel. The windows also provided a nice look at the flowers outside; I was already feeling at home. Settling myself into a booth, I noticed the coffee shop had not changed much. To my liking they were still advertising “Latte of the Month” and one-dollar scones. All of the old equipment and decor from the coffee shop still remain in the lobby, but it is now displayed in a much more open environment. The Cup looks out onto some tables situated around chairs and booths which are all conveniently located near an outlet – hallelujah!

Opening up my laptop I prayed that the Wi-Fi also benefitted from the church’s transition. I was immediately pleased. Within minutes I was connected to the “VPC” wifi network and plugging away at my physics homework.

The Welcome Center could not have impressed me more. The seating situation and windowed walls really helped to create a friendly environment. I look forward to seeing the space in action on a lively Sunday morning.  

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