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The Future of East Track


As this year comes to an end, so do spring sports. The track team this year has had a successful run, and have continued to represent East well by placing first in multiple meets this year. But as the seniors pack up their spikes and uniforms, the underclassmen rise to fill in. Sophomores Wen Clough and Tyler DeBey have been labeled, by the team, as the unofficial future runners at East, and could be leading the team to victory next year.

Clough and DeBey have both had their fair share of accomplishments. Whether it was Wen setting the freshman long jump record last year and placing 6th in the region or DeBey running at state track as a freshman, there are high hopes from the leaving seniors, that both will soon lead East as top runners.

Clough and DeBey both started running track their freshman year. DeBey initially began to run track for the fun of it, while Wen said running was something he just found himself to be good at. DeBey has already achieved a gold-level long jump distance, his best score being twenty-one feet, 6 and-a-half inches.

Clough and DeBey continue to work hard to better themselves in their events. Clough has strived to tends to excel in long jump, DeBey aspires to improve his three hundred hurdles and four hundred meter run times.

“They are relatively similar,” DeBey said. “So if I can get one better than the other one should get better as well.”

Track consists of many events such as running, jumping and throwing. At the first week of track practice, all new runners survey the several different events to get a feel for what they are interested in. DeBey said he experimented with javalon and throws, and it wasn’t until coach Pennington asked DeBey to try out hurdles that he became interested.

Clough and DeBey have many to thank for their success, especially the seniors who continued to motivate them by cheering them on and running alongside. One, in particular, being senior hurdler Will Tulp.

“My role model would probably be [Will] Tulp,” said Clough. “Because he is always cheerful and happy and pushes us to [work] harder.”

The two are very thankful for the inspiration the seniors have given them, and have been constantly working at their best, like staying late at practice, to fill in the big shoes being left behind. However, they seem up to the challenge.

“Will Tulp has had his time to shine, but now it’s ours,” said DeBey.

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