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State Department Issues Travel Advisory on Half of Mexico

The US Department of State issued an advisory for citizens who are traveling to Mexico, specifically for Spring Break in a month. These recent restrictions place half of Mexico’s 31 states under level three or four ratings, including Cabo San Lucas which is one of the most popular tourist locations in Mexico.

The Department of State placed a level two advisory on Mexico as a whole, with specific cities receiving varying ratings based on their safety. The ratings are on a scale of four, ranging from “exercise normal precautions” to “exercise normal precautions” to “reconsider travel” and finally “do not travel.” Countries such as Somalia, Iran and Syria have been given a level four travel warning.

According to the Department of State, Mexico was given the advisory warning due to “violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, being widespread.” The report also warned that the US has very limited capabilities in emergency assistance to US citizens in much of the country.

Though there are warnings for travel to many locations, there are no restrictions placed on traveling to any parts of Mexico. In a statement released by the Mexican Tourism Ministry, they noted that 28 of Mexico’s most popular attractions for international tourists have no restrictions.

Among these is the Puerta Vallarta resort in the state of Jalisco which is also home to Guadalajara. These warnings won’t likely deter those going to Mexico over Spring Break, according to senior Brian Christian, who is going to Mexico in March.

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