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Planning the Perfect Picnic

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Everybody loves a good movie. Everybody likes going to a party at night or out to eat at Winstead’s. But sometimes, those things get tiring and the yearning to enjoy the outdoors (while also enjoying food) becomes too great. So, of course, the only logical solution to this problem is to plan a picnic.


Find the location that works for you – One of the better things about living in Kansas City is the fact that we have an abundance of parks. And of course, the best place to hold a picnic is at a park. Duh. Loose Park, near the Plaza, is the most popular to picnic at and has comfortable ground to sit on; you can always find a place to set up, no matter how crowded it is. Shawnee Mission Park is sprawling and has its own pond, and Hyde Park is just beautiful. But you can plan a good picnic anywhere, as long as there’s somewhere to sit. You can also hike to a location in Antioch Park if you want a more woodsy-feeling picnic spot, or even just set up in your backyard for the least amount of effort.


Consider your variables – Is the weather going to be nice? Are there going to be benches available to sit at? Are there going to be a lot of people there? These are all important questions to ask yourself when planning your picnic. Make sure you check the weather before you head out, as well as checking to see if any events are going on at your location in case it’s way too crowded. Scout out your location, too, to see what your seating options are, and whether or not you even want to go that specific place.


Plan what food you’re going to pack – Picking what food to bring is arguably the best part of planning your picnic. Depending on the time of day, what you end up packing to eat can change pretty easily. For a breakfast picnic, you can pack crepes and fillings or the ingredients for a parfait. Lunch and dinner picnics can consist of the classic sandwich-and-chips options, or you can go with a pasta salad or selection of grains and hummus. San Pellegrinos and Izzes are great drink choices, but any drinks should either be chilled beforehand or kept in a cooler unless you like them lukewarm.


Pick up whatever supplies you’ll need – No matter what you decide to do in terms of your picnic, there’s one undeniable fact: you’ll need to carry your food in something. Whether it be a basket, a cooler or a backpack. You’ll also need to pack a variety of other items to make your picnicking experience as comfortable as possible: insect repellant, sunscreen, sunglasses, disposable or reusable plates, silverware, cups, a cooler or ice packs in case you’re bringing meats, folding chairs and a blanket or tablecloth.


Stay entertained – Unless you’re eating your picnic inside of a movie theater or at the circus, you’ll probably want some way to entertain yourself and your guests before or after the picnic. Traditional picnic activities include playing frisbee, playing soccer or football, but you can also bring a stereo or a set of cordless iPod speakers to listen to music. Board games are also easy to transport, and bringing bikes is good for exercising after your meal.


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